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Clutching Tacks

Have you ever been guilty of clutching tacks? 

Thumb_tacksThis is what I recently caught myself doing and I think we all do it from time to time but some of us hold on quite a bit tighter and longer than others. 

Just what do I mean by clutching tacks? It's a term that I came up with to describe staying in situations that are clearly counterproductive to one's wellbeing. 

Some of us hard-working, dedicated, perfectionist, Type-A inclined people often just stay in 'Getting S&*t Done' mode too long. There are various reasons why we lock ourselves into this mode but that's a whole different can of worms we'll just not open in this post... we'll keep it worm free ;)

Here's the story of my recent episode, see if you can relate...

I was completely out of sync with myself. Life felt difficult. There was a complete absence of the ebb and flow rhythm that life is so beautifully made of. I was uncharacteristically angry at times, joy was a stranger and feelings of happiness were few and far between. It wasn't depression but it was certainly discontent. I was out of alignment with my own integrity and I got there by clutching tacks.

I started noticing what triggered my angst and I'd write it down. I'd then sit with what I'd written and see how I felt about it. It was during one of these pondering sessions that I got the visual of my hand holding tightly to a thumb tack. This reminded me of the way I explain 'flow of money' to people so it really meant something to me. What it meant in this case was that I was clinging to something that was not good for me and by clutching it so tightly, I was actually hurting myself. Looking at my list of when I began to spiral down and why I felt that way led me to the situation that I needed to let go of.

With it all figured out, the pain should have been relatively easy to stop - simply let go. Unfortunately, it wasn't... and it never is. When you've been clutching a tack for awhile, you'll find that even when you let go, it takes a bit until the tack unsticks itself from your hand and even after it does there's still some residual pain. How long that takes depends on how tightly and how long you've been clutching it and how 'able' you are to pull it out if it's embedded. 

Are you "clutching tacks?" You'll know it by how your life feels right now. I encourage you to check in with yourself to see, but make sure to take a good look - they can be tiny tacks so you might not see them at first. If you find one or a few, begin to consider how you can let them go - and don't forget to welcome a little help from your friends.


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