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We Resist, the Universe Insists

DivineguidanceI believe we are all given or guided to exactly what we need to live an amazing life - to enjoy the true happiness and fulfillment of life well lived. The problem is that we're not always able to see it - even if it's right in front of us... and has a neon sign flashing saying, "right here." No, I'm not kidding... it can be THAT obvious. 

Often times the gift for us is very powerful, others can see it and perhaps we can feel it but something still causes us to resist. Fear?

Probably, but fear of what, exactly? Fear of everything we've always wanted? Fear of living a passion filled life in full alignment with our own personal purpose? How can that possibly be true?

The idea seems almost silly that we could fear the very force that carries with it gifts such as love, joy, fulfillment, passion, creative ideas, strong support, etc... all very, very good things. Yet we do. 

What I have found on my journey is that it isn't that we are resisting the gift at all. The part we are resisting is the 'possibility' part because that tiny little piece makes us vulnerable. Where there is a possibility for something amazing to happen (and this is the force we can feel nudging us), there's also the possibility that something not so amazing (or worse) may happen. And, when the gift we're being asked to receive is of the particularly powerful life-altering sort, you can multiply the fear exponentially because these gifts truly require a deep faith. You will most likely be asked to give up or risk something precious to you in order to receive it. This is where many of us decide to look away, turn away, run away, hunker down & hide or whatever it takes to not be vulnerable. We resist.

We resist and still the Universe insists. 

As long as we have even a hint of our dream still alive... If we haven't lost our desire... If we haven't resigned to just take what comes and tolerate our days, the hints and nudges will be there and they may not be so subtle either. If the gift we're supposed to receive is a heavy duty one having to do with our life's passion, purpose or spiritual growth the 'nudges' can be quite painful if that is what it takes for us to 'get it'.

The beauty is that in spite of perhaps feeling forced into submission, if we'll just crack the door a little bit to peek out... to open to the possibilities being shown us, dig deeply into our selves and feel our way through, getting out of the thinking and analyzing place where fear breeds rampantly, we are quickly awed by the power and brilliance of the divine plan for us.

Our creator doesn't give up on us. It's through our own free will that we can choose not to receive all the good that is available to us.

It's the full, brilliant illumination of this fact that colors my world so brightly. It's true that the good life isn't something that we have to push into with force, we can simply decide to accept what is already being shown to us. 

If you're feeling too much struggle and like everything requires so much effort, ask yourself, "What am I resisting while the Universe is insisting?". 


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