Heeding the soul's call

For several years now, I've felt the call of the mountains seducing me to come 'home'. I was almost there about 6 years ago but that fell apart right along with a devastating breakup. In many ways, I see now why that didn't work out and I also know those were the 'wrong' mountains (for me). I was on the right track but focused on the wrong stop.

And here I am now - in Boulder, Colorado - right at the foot of the great Rocky Mountains and I'm happier than I've ever been in my entire life. 

I'm not saying that every problem or challenge in my life has disappeared because they haven't. What has happened is

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We Resist, the Universe Insists

DivineguidanceI believe we are all given or guided to exactly what we need to live an amazing life - to enjoy the true happiness and fulfillment of life well lived. The problem is that we're not always able to see it - even if it's right in front of us... and has a neon sign flashing saying, "right here." No, I'm not kidding... it can be THAT obvious. 

Often times the gift for us is very powerful, others can see it and perhaps we can feel it but something still causes us to resist. Fear?

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Clutching Tacks

Have you ever been guilty of clutching tacks? 

Thumb_tacksThis is what I recently caught myself doing and I think we all do it from time to time but some of us hold on quite a bit tighter and longer than others. 

Just what do I mean by clutching tacks? It's a term that I came up with to describe staying in situations that are clearly counterproductive to one's wellbeing. 

Some of us hard-working, dedicated, perfectionist, Type-A inclined people often just stay in 'Getting S&*t Done' mode too long. There are various reasons why we lock ourselves into this mode but that's a whole different can of worms we'll just not open in this post... we'll keep it worm free ;)

Here's the story of my recent episode, see if you can relate...

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Time for me to fly...

Yep, it's REO Speedwagon circa 1978.

Oftentimes, this is how spirit speaks to me - through music. This wouldn't be so strange except that I'm really on the low end of the 'music buff' scale. But inevitably, I'll end up with a song stuck in my head and it will be around a while before I take notice of the message. This time it's been "Time for me to Fly" for the last 3 days and it's symbolic because I'd made the decision to step away (a HUGE step) from long-term client of mine. As I was trying to settle into my peace with the decision, I caught the song in my head and was relieved as it summarized the situation quite accurately. Truly, it's time for me to fly...

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