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Heeding the soul's call

For several years now, I've felt the call of the mountains seducing me to come 'home'. I was almost there about 6 years ago but that fell apart right along with a devastating breakup. In many ways, I see now why that didn't work out and I also know those were the 'wrong' mountains (for me). I was on the right track but focused on the wrong stop.

And here I am now - in Boulder, Colorado - right at the foot of the great Rocky Mountains and I'm happier than I've ever been in my entire life. 

I'm not saying that every problem or challenge in my life has disappeared because they haven't. What has happened is

that my soul is now content and feeling very much at home. That restless feeling of 'something big around the corner' that I must keep pursuing, has ceased its coursing through my veins. Everything 'feels' different though the reality is that it isn't so much. I'm just much more grounded and at peace. I'm eager to wake every morning to the wonder that is all around me, I settle at night to the peacefulness I've always craved but never felt. I'm finally able to tune into this amazing experience that is my life. 

I'm feeling so blessed to call this home and I wish this for every being - tune in to your soul and fill those needs.



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